European textile consultancy partners

ETCP offers advice and provides solutions.


Tendering & Procurement of Textiles

ETCP assists government bodies, public organisations and the business community in the efficient tendering or procurement and management and maintenance of textiles, clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Knowledge Development

ETCP provides modular knowledge, support and facilities according to the specific needs of its clients. Our basic concept is ‘one stop shopping’. ETCP connects and contributes to knowledge development en innovation.

Broad Experience

ETCP works with experienced people in all sectors of our field. We applied our knowledge in various projects. On this website we present a number of cases and a brief description of the work performed.


Procurement and management of industrial clothing is complex. It is a continuous process that needs to be monitored and adjusted. ETCP collects all available knowledge and makes use of all experience for the benefit of the client.

ETCP specialists

ETCP is a joint venture of experienced specialists from the world of textiles, industrial clothing, corporate fashion, footwear and personal protective equipment.

We have specialists in the field of design, procurement, certification, technical textile research and project management including logistic management systems. Together, our specialists hold the knowledge of the entire discipline.

Apart from our specialists we make use of the experience of various organisations operating within our disciplines or serving the ETCP target group. There are many supporting or advisory (knowledge) organisations in the Netherlands in the field of procurement and other areas.

The effect of our services

The effect of our services for you organisation may be manifold.

  • Efficient process design
  • Saving on purchasing costs
  • Saving on internal process costs
  • Proper agreements with suppliers
  • Higher quality of delivered products
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Understanding of costs



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